Venture Tech Partners, LLC, is a boutique consultancy that offers high-level, global expansion, strategic planning, and execution to Enterprise SaaS, Games, and EduTech companies worldwide.

From corporate development to developer relations to sales operations and beyond, we enable companies to enter new global markets successfully. We apply our trusted expertise to unique situations and projects to help identify, initiate, negotiate, and close deals with partners worldwide. Let us assist you with your global expansion strategy, then execute it tactically.

Our Services

Global Market Expansion

We help with your overall GoToMarket (GTM) strategy for a global target market to help grow your business internationally and boost profits by seizing overseas market opportunities.

Fractional CXO Roles

We offer a wealth of industry experiences in executive management and provide fractional or interim roles to help you effectively manage your emerging company in new markets.

Corporate Development

We lead strategic growth initiatives via partnerships and M&A activities, analyzing the efficiency of ongoing business operations, and delivering the best products and services to their customers.

Developer Relations

The art of developer relations is to build authentic relationships within our clients’ communities. Our team has filled these roles for companies like Apple, Unity Technologies, Magic Leap, and SEGA.

Sales Operations Management

Sales Operations is responsible for developing and overseeing a smooth, effective sales process to enable growth. We set up everything you need to have in place to support your ability to sell.

Venture Tech Partners

Are you planning on going abroad with your business? Or perhaps you need help gathering information about how and where to start? At Venture Tech Partners, we would be happy to hear your plans and discuss how we can help achieve your business goals worldwide. Contact us by filling out our online form or give us a call at (208) 921-0108. From planning to strategy to execution, we look forward to providing you with valuable insights and unparalleled experience to help lay the foundation for your entry and expansion into new markets.