“Wallace is a great guy, with a huge amount of varied experience in the game industry. He is well connected, has an outstanding work ethic and stands by his integrity in all that he does!” – Elizabeth Whitener, Engagement Manager at Mj3 Partners, Inc.

Elizabeth WhitenerEngagement Manager at Mj3 Partners, Inc.

“I have met few people as insightful and passionate about the industry as Wallace. It is always an immense pleasure to hear his thoughts on the games and immersive technology industries. While his vast experience gives him a privileged view of the interactive media space, it is the way he uses it to conceptualize key trends that never ceases to impress. I am honored to call him a colleague in the industry and look forward to working with him for years to come.” – Stephanie Llamas, VRAR Research Expert and Speaker

Stephanie LlamasVRAR Research Expert and Speaker