Susan is a hard worker and knows what people need before they know they need it. Skilled at sales operations and customer service and anything people throw her way. She is the best, understanding and patient manager I ever had, taught me so much, and was the best mentor to this day. I always remember her advice! – Cari Carpenter, Account Executive, Syringa Networks

Cari CarpenterAccount Executive, Syringa Networks

Susan is incredibly flexible working both as a team leader and comfortable working independently as well. Susan is always quick to make herself available to help other executive assistants when they are overwhelmed with their workloads. One of her greatest skills is anticipating what will be needed and being prepared with the solution before the question can be asked. Due to her hardworking nature and flexible attitude, I believe in her ability to be a tremendous asset to any company that has the opportunity to bring her into their organization. I wish her the best of luck and great success in all she does. – Vicki Stephens, Traffic Controller, Ada County Highway District

Vicki StephensTraffic Controller, Ada County Highway District

Susan is the most capable administrator I have ever had. Nobody has been smarter, more attentive to specifics, a clearer communicator, better at anticipating administrative needs, more effective in managing a complex agenda, nor more flexible in dealing with the complexities of a very diverse organization. She excelled on international, creative and functional administrative issues. All of this with unfailing calm, diplomacy, confidentiality, and partnership. She mastered difficult internal systems and cross-trained other staff members (inside and outside our team) in their use. My endorsement of Susan, who was my team’s executive assistant for four years, is unqualified. – John Goodale

John GoodalePrincipal at Venture Tech Partners