Justin is a successful sales professional with two decades of international sales experience. He is exceptionally good in Customer Relationships and Key Account Management that helps him to garner continuous business improvement for the companies where he has worked.

He has closed successful deals that ran in to millions of dollars with large and reputed clients such as Reliance, Tata, and so on.

His most important strengths are thought clarity and product knowledge. He is one of the rare sales professional who first acquires complete product and market knowledge before proposing solutions to the customer. Thus, the customer would be saving an enormous amount of time in communication, and reducing confusion in dealing with multiple people from the same company. It also builds consistency and trust with the customer.

Justin also has experience in running the business end-to-end, right from setting up manufacturing to standardizing quality, to managing sales of unique and competitive products. His sharp observation of markets and customer intent would ensure appropriate sizing and placing of the product to ensure the best for the organization.

Thus having a complete all-round experience, Justin is now engaging himself in establishing new business units’ successfully. He manages a set of experts who would assist him in his pre and post-operative management of projects. – Srinivas Rachakonda. Vice President, Supply Chain, Tata Sky Ltd. (India)

Srinivas RachakondaPrincipal at Venture Tech Partners