“I have worked with John on the GameTap project for several years. John was instrumental in developing GameTap business relationships and business deals with all the major Japanese game publishers. In my experience, John is a terrific business partner, always organized, proactive, responsive, and knowledgeable of GameTap needs and requirements. John is a self starter, very reliable, always willing to go the extra step to excel at the task at hand. I am happy to recommend him to anyone in the media and gaming space who is interested in adding to his/her team an accomplished licensing individual with superior organizational skills.” – Luca Magnanini, Saas

Luca MagnaniniSaas

“I had the pleasure of working with John in 2009 to expand the Crytek CryENGINE license business in North America and throughout Asia. John is an individual with incredible drive to meet the tasks that are set before him but always is able to maintain a positive influence on every person he comes in contact with. He has a vast knowledge on how to conduct business worldwide and has a wonderful following in Asia, I will always be willing to be a part of John’s team. He makes sure that his staff is happy and has the resources available to them to ensure success.” – Nathalie Sparks, Enterprise Sales Manager at Wacom Technology Corp

Nathalie SparksEnterprise Sales Manager at Wacom Technology Corp

“John is one of the most compassionate managers I’ve ever had. John takes the time to really invest in the people around him and aims to foster growth and mentoring. He brings so much knowledge and dedication to a company, his passion is admirable and he’d be an asset to any organization.” – Erin Dwyer, Vice President, Digital at OUAI Haircare

Erin DwyerVice President, Digital at OUAI Haircare

“I had the pleasure of working with John for a number years while incubating and then launching GameTap at Turner Broadcasting. John’s grasp of the Japanese culture, language, business practices and his solid reputation there were strategically important to our negotiations and added an aura of credibility to a laborious process. Our decision to use outside resources to support our business dealings in the region were in large part the reason why Turner was successful at aggregating such a large number of games for the service. John’s professionalism, his grace under pressure, and his warm personality not only advantaged Turner in Japan, but also in Korea, where he also had strong relationships (although he is not conversant in Korean).

John was the inspiration for my learning Japanese, but most importantly, I enjoyed working with John and believe he is one of the most respected game executives I have worked with in the video game industry. He balances work and family as well as anyone, and he would make a fine addition to any game company’s executive team.” – Al Meyers CPA, CGMA

Al MeyersCPA, CGMA

“John is absolutely a joy to work with. Insightful and highly skilled he is head and shoulders above his peers. John has his finger on the pulse of what every developer needs more so than anyone else I have dealt with in the middleware industry. He is definitely a “five star” talent! Marc Merry CEO Lifeblood Games LLC” – Marc Andrew, Screenwriter/Producer/Musician

Marc AndrewScreenwriter/Producer/Musician

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with John! As a passionate gamer, he is an oracle of knowledge on gaming and how the industry ticks. On a personal note, John is a delight to speak with. He is living a rich life and has a lot of life experiences to share.”DIMA (Dmitry) Fedotov, COO of BC Vault – Hardware Crypto Wallet

DIMA (Dmitry) FedotovCOO of BC Vault - Hardware Crypto Wallet

“John is an absolutely great manager to work with. I had the pleasure of working over 4 years for him, and he leads by example. He always kept the Asia team morale up, and made it a point for his direct reports to continuously learn as a team. His ability to work through challenging times and to develop new ways to achieve the targets were always inspiring. John would be an asset to any team.” – Allen Foo, Founder/CEO, VooX

Allen FooFounder/CEO, VooX

“John has a rare mix of productivity and diplomacy and sets a great example for the rest of the team, and explains why everyone loves working with him.”

Wil YangGlobal Business Development, Shin Starr

“When we hired you we knew you could sell stuff. We had no idea you could build and lead such a great team.”

David HelgasonCEO/Co-Founder, Unity Technologies

“Nobody knows and loves all the cultures of Asia better than John Goodale.”

Shinobu ToyodaPresident/Chairman, Unity Technologies Japan