“I had the pleasure of working with John for a number years while incubating and then launching GameTap at Turner Broadcasting. John’s grasp of the Japanese culture, language, business practices and his solid reputation there were strategically important to our negotiations and added an aura of credibility to a laborious process. Our decision to use outside resources to support our business dealings in the region were in large part the reason why Turner was successful at aggregating such a large number of games for the service. John’s professionalism, his grace under pressure, and his warm personality not only advantaged Turner in Japan, but also in Korea, where he also had strong relationships (although he is not conversant in Korean).

John was the inspiration for my learning Japanese, but most importantly, I enjoyed working with John and believe he is one of the most respected game executives I have worked with in the video game industry. He balances work and family as well as anyone, and he would make a fine addition to any game company’s executive team.” – Al Meyers CPA, CGMA